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Frequently asked questions about our house cleaning service 

Q - Will I get the same house cleaner every week?
Yes – you will have the same cleaner on the same day each week 

Q -  Do you provide insurance? 
Yes – we have a combined liability policy with cover up to £2million

Q - How do you select your house cleaners?
Very carefully – following an initial telephone interview all cleaners receive a home visit during which a strict identification and address verification procedure is adhered to. 

Q - How long will it take to allocate me a cleaner?
This can be within 2 to 3 days but up to 2 weeks – we take the vetting procedure very seriously. It is always better to wait a few days and get the right person for your requirements.

Q - Can I choose the day my cleaner comes to my house?
Absolutely – you can specify day and also morning or afternoon. 

Q - What home cleaning tasks are covered?
Generally speaking anything which come under the heading of general cleaning but also ironing and laundry if you wish. Please see our separate page on services provided.

Q - What happens if my home cleaner is ill or on holiday?
Either you or the cleaner contact our office and we will be happy to introduce a replacement cleaner for that week.

Q - Does my home cleaning service continue if I am on holiday?
Clients often have jobs done that they would not normally have on a weekly basis – for example emptying out kitchen cupboards, cleaning a d replacing items. Also, by having the cleaner go in, clients find that this gives extra security.

Q - How do I get started?
Simply call us on 01367 850162 or contact us and I will be happy to visit you at home to discuss your requirements in more detail before sourcing you a home cleaner. 

Ideal Home Cleaners - Mark and Carol Abbott

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Typical Hourly Rate: £10.50 per hour

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